Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap...the 4th!

Strawberry Basil Lemonade (recipe to come later).
Happy "Super Monday" (aka the first day back after a long weekend when you need at least two three  cups of coffee to wake up)!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I was too busy this weekend to have time to prepare a real post, so for now, enjoy the photo recap of what kept me from blogging.
Flag Jello Shots... thank you YC!
Slip 'n Slide and goofy faces.
Odin was obsessed with the Slip 'n Slide and insisted on "escorting" everyone down aka trying to herd them by nipping at their booties.
Ingredients to make Watermelon Mint Granita... soo good and easy.  Full recipe to come later.
Some of the ingredients to my home made BBQ sauce.
Summer 2010 024
The food table approximately 1/3 full.
Bon fire, s'more, sparklers, stories.
Day after the party, watching the storm roll in from the deck.
Then it got darker...
and DARKER... so we went inside and made Leftover Corn Chowder (recipe to follow tomorrow).

Overall a very successful 4th of July weekend with bruises from the Slip 'n slide to remind us of the good times and a camera full of pictures of various cocktail inventions I whipped up. Although, I think Odin, hands paws down, had the best time this weekend between herding people on the Slip 'n slide to swimming in the pond to hiking to finding a new 10 month old pit bff to "helping" with everyone's dishes.  What did you all do this weekend?

~ Julie


  1. That sounds absolutely perfect...and that food table is making me want to come have leftovers!!! (c: Odin definitely sounds like he had the best weekend *EVER* (c;

  2. how funny that he was herding you all down the slip n' slide! love all the photos. so many good eats!!

  3. Mmm strawberry basil lemonade sounds divine!! We had a crazy storm, too. Looks like a blast though. Xo

  4. Oh my gosh. What a fun weekend!! Love that you still slip in slide (and look good doing it :). Can't wait to get my hands on the watermelon granita recipe!

  5. You are the cocktail master!! Looks like an awesome weekend.

  6. delicious... hope you had tons of fun!

  7. Flag jello shots are "totes" awesome. ;)

    You just made me hungry again.

  8. that lemonade looks crazy fantastic good.
    And I love slip n slides. This post just makes me smile.


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