Monday, July 18, 2011

Pick-Me-Up... Strawberry Watermelon Mojito


To survive the current heatwave, this is a super refreshing twist on a mojito.  If you are lucky enough not be living in an inferno, then this can console you after USA's heartbreaking loss to Japan yesterday in the Women's World Cup final.  Although, their defense's performance left MUCH to be desired and made me question if I was in fact watching a National Team (to mean?).  I'll stop digressing.

This is a strawberry watermelon mojito made with strawberry infused rum and is a great way to use up leftover watermelon.

  • 3 oz. watermelon puree
  • 1 oz. strawberry infused rum
  • mint leaves, muddled in glass
  • fresh strawberries, sliced for garnish
  1.  Remove rind from watermelon.  Puree in food processor or blender on high until liquid consistency. 
  2. In a cocktail shaker, mix watermelon puree and strawberry rum over ice.  Shake well.  
  3. Pour into serving glass with ice and pre-muddled mint.
  4. Garnish with strawberry and enjoy!
Any good weekend stories?  Did y'all watch the game?  Thoughts?

~ Julie


  1. bennett and i ate an entire watermelon this weekend. should have made cocktails instead! and yes, we watched the game. i wanted them to win SO BAD. oh well. next time :)

  2. Your food (or in this case drink) styling is already paying off. Looks amazing! I'm definitely feeling the urge to make watermelon based cocktails. I watched the last part of the game, but only because The Husband made me.

  3. This looks absolutely fabulous...have you ever thought of opening a bar??? Because I'm pretty sure you have enough drink ideas for about a dozen of them! (c:

  4. It looks too pretty to drink!! I didn't end up doing a fancy drink this weekend--just Prosecco with some raspberries and a sugared rim. I saw a recipe for a lavender martini today though...maybe something we can make when we finally meet up!!

  5. this looks and sounds delicious!


  6. Hell to the yeah!!! This looks off the hook! I'm addicted to watermelon lately. Watermelon salad, watermelon coolers, watermelon margaritas...I'm all over them. Definitely need to give these babies a shot :)


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