Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Piece Two Ways... Floral Dress

floral dress
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With everyone tightening their belts in this economy (no literally, I went for a run with Odin today in the sauna that is DC and probably lost 10 lbs of water weight sweating) finding ways to make clothes stretch into the next season is important.  Enter the floral dress, one of the most popular summer items, which can be extended to fall with some opaque black tights, a blazer, and more refined pieces like studs and pumps to make it work appropriate.

What items do you carry through to fall?

~ Julie


  1. just got a cute floral dress kind of like this - never thought about wearing it into fall, but i totally will now. love it :)

    i also love the colorful skinny jeans rolled up with sandals in the summer and tucked into boots in the fall.

  2. I need something like this. And I like the idea of throwing a blazer over it. Instant polish.

  3. This is real good. Love your picks!

  4. You need to come over to my place and pick out my clothes for me. Both outfits are amazing!!

  5. This is seriously killer! I love it, I would wear everything here! So so gorgeous. I can't even pick one thing I love the most.


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