Thursday, June 9, 2011

25 Before 25...

In four months exactly from today I'll be turning 25... a quarter of a century.  Now I'm not one to freak out about age or getting old, but I do like to reflect back on what I've accomplished and what I am hoping to do in the next stage of my life.  Today, however, is less of an introspective and more of a fun list of things that have been rolling around in my head, but that I'm finally putting to (virtual) paper as a to-do list before I turn 25.  In true Julie-OCD form, you'll see I've added at least one or two tasks that I've already started or accomplished, because I always put things on my list that I've already done just for the sake of getting to cross them off!

1.  Start and maintain a blog. 

In fun colors like Essie's Braziliant collection.

2.  Get a mani/pedi with my mom.
3. Finish paying off student loans.
4.  Go kayaking or canoeing at Jack's in Georgetown with the Boy.  
Rosemary Berry Gin Fiz via. 
5.  Invent a new signature cocktail (this one doesn't count). 
6.  Get up to date on all annual doctors appointments (maybe even get my eyes checked out because the Boy swears I'm blind).
7.  Set up a DC blogger meet up... any DC gals interested?

8.  Take a bubble bath with wine, candles, and good book included.
9.  Visit my brother in LA. 
10.  Sign up for PMI online training course so I can become a P(i)MP.
11.  Bake a loaf of bread (wait till Fall so it's cooler). 
12.  Organize a charity event ( I was my company's team leader for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure).
13.  Watch three Oscar Best Picture winners.
Wish I could paint and wish it looked like this via.
14.  Get the apartment to the point where it can be photographed and photograph it.
15.  Upgrade camera to a non- point and shoot (hint hint for b-day present!).
16.  Once student loans are paid off, set a new savings plan including goals for a condo down payment and opening a Roth IRA(way down the road, but it's never too early for planning).

17.  Host a girls night in at my place.
18.  Go hiking in Shenandoah or Great Falls with Odin and the Boy.
19.  Finish five projects on my DIY list (one down, 4 to go).

20.  Sew more starting with a cute new summer dress.
21.  Buy/ make personal stationary and write a letter to my grams and aunt.
22.  Go watch a professional soccer game with my Dad, either to the game or to a bar to watch.

23. Spend more time with Luna and Odin.
24.  Set up creative workspace in apartment and start painting/ drawing again.
25.  Go to Jose Andres' America Eats Tavern pop up restaurant with the Boy for our SIXTH anniversary!

    What do you hope to accomplish before your next birthday?  Did you or do you have a 25 before 25 list?

    ~ Julie


    1. 25. Bless your heart. Shoot, I should've done a 30 before 30. I guess it's not too late.

      I still have yet to learn to sew even though there's a schedule of classes staring back at me everyday.

    2. This is such a fabulous post Julie!! If it makes you feel better, I'll be the big 30 in less than three months :) See, feel younger now? Haha. I will help you with the DC blogger meet up!! I'd love to put something together like that.

      Oh, I also love putting things on my to-do list just so that I can cross them off :) Happy almost weekend!! xx

    3. loving the list! i turn 25 in a couple of weeks...hmmm, i need a list!

    4. I think I had my first freakout when I turned 26 -- I started getting hit on by men in their mid-40s and I couldn't believe I was at the age where it wasn't creepy! Actually, it probably still was.

      Oh so many things I'd love to accomplish by August. But it kinda goes against my New Year's resolution to CUT THINGS OUT. I'm horrible about overcommitting!

    5. love this! i just turned 26 (i know, im a relic!) and i started a 30 before 30!

    6. I'm feeling kinda pathetic that I didn't make a single goal for my 30th...you're still a baby! (c; You are going to be one busy girl, but at least it will be fun!!! (c: Happy Weekend girlfriend!

    7. Julie! This is such a great idea, wish I had done a similar list before I turned 25! I'd be happy to help you and Alena organize a DC meet up - will be fun!

      P.S. I was thinking about your iced smoothie popsicles on my way to work this morning and how heavenly it would've been to have one cool me off...darn this humidity!

    8. Julie, what an awesomely ambitious list! I pretty much just got drunk before I turned 25 ;) I'm so stealing some of your list ideas for my 29 before 29!

    9. So glad you guys are on board Alena and Tamuna! I'm thinking of somewhere outside with cocktails.
      Irene, I've had my new machine in my closet for 6 months without touching it and I already know how to sew!
      Erika that's definitely still creepy! And Sabra my most recent DIY was to facilitate drinking so those kind of activities are still done around here!

    10. I will help with #7! I'd absolutely love to meet up with you girls (I'm looking at you too, Alena!)

    11. great list! I hear ya on the student loans one too- what a pain!


    12. so glad you linked up this list! so many great things to do before you turn 25! so exciting! im in the process of paying off my loans...cannnnnnot wait to be done! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

    13. Love your list...and I just booked a trip to Shenandoah! I have never been but have family in Balti so we rented a cabin in Shenandoah for a weekend in August! So excited.
      A Cat in Gloves

    14. What a lovely list! I turn 25 in a little over three months.
      Loving your blog & I'm your newest follower!
      <3 Leigh

    15. So scary to turn 25 - but fun as well! I absolutely LOVE Essie nail polish - it's so strong and smooth! Can't wait to see the rest of the projects as well :D


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