Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LALA Land...My See-food Vacation Diet

Amazing seafood market, where you pick your fresh catch and can get it steamed, grilled, or fried.  We went with fried calamari with hot sauce and grilled red snapper with tartar sauce.  As illustrated, we cleaned it to the bone!
The food in and around LA was spectacular to say the least and my eating habits pretty much consisted of eating all of the food that I saw.  Even the markets, including farmer's, grocery stores in Koreatown, and Trader Joe's were amazing.  The produce was huge and cheap (that's what she said) or at least by East Coast standards.  For example, soft-ball sized lemons, were $0.50 for 5 POUNDS.  Even the Trader Joe's... ohh the Cali- TJ's... 2 Buck Chuck is actually $2 and instead of 7 lunch salad options... 17 options.  Anyway, we did equal parts of home-cooking for the bro, trying the budget friendly options, and tasting a few finer establishments.
We had the second best and best Mexican food ever.
It seems LA is the junk food capital between having at least 1 burger and donut place on each block we obviously had to try some.
Being the foodies we are, we also had to make my brother some home cooked meals while we were in town.  Braised oxtail atop garlicky mashed taters, a  picnic from TJ's, BBQ pork short ribs with fresh asparagus (brought on the plane from the 'rents VA place), and of course a cheese plate to accompany our wine country loot (black truffle infused goat cheese= heaven).
I promise tomorrow will be the last of the post-vacay posts ending with the amazing-ness that is the Getty.  I think I may have taken over 400 hundo pictures there alone.



  1. The best part of a vacation is gorging on anything edible! I didn't realize TJs varied so much. I have a different lunchtime TJ salad for every day of the week :)

  2. Julie...you have to stop posting these food pictures. I swear I just gained weight looking at them :) Oh. my. gosh. That seafood. The Mexican food. The bad goodness such as cupcakes. My lunch suddenly look so sad and boring. Love seeing all your vacay pics!

  3. oh my word! so much yum!! loving the mexican food pics :)

  4. I might have just gone into a sugar coma just *looking* at those cupcakes...they look AH-mazing...I'm so planning on a few (perhaps dozen) of those babies this weekend (c:

  5. Wait a sec...I'm in California and have never seen $.50/5 lbs lemons! Where was this??

    Food looks absolutely amazing. I'm going to LA next weekend and can't wait to gorge!

  6. STARVING! I just finished the juice cleanse and am supposed to ease back into eating food again but this makes me want to blow that whole idea :)

  7. YUM! i adore seafood so this is like my dream come true! get in ma belly!

  8. Anyone who tags something "Yummy Junk" is my new favorite. You win.

  9. I'm not even hungry and I want to eat something! The food out there is incredible! It all looks delicious! Sounds like you had an amazing time!


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