Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guest Post... 5 Kitchen Essentials by Victoria from Vmac & Cheese

So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye (another clue to my favorite movie)... and I'm off to LALA land today for a glorious week in the sun with the Boy and my bro.  I promise to take a bajillion pictures to share when I get back, but in the meantime, I have a chock a block full week of amazing guest blogger ladies lined up for you.

To start with a bang, I'd like to welcome Victoria a fellow foodie (except she is actually a real live trained one) and the fabulous blogger behind Vmac & Cheese.  She blogs about everything from food to... well I think her words put it best "But here’s the thing. If you love food, and you love to eat, the odds are pretty good that you generally love the good life. That’s how I like to think of this here site: musings on a life worth living."  I have to completely agree with this sentiment. Thank you again Victoria and make sure to go check her out.

Hi Julip Made readers! Victoria from vmac+cheese here. Like Julie, I'm an avid cook and love sharing my culinary adventures on my blog (shameless plug: along with lots of posts about style, design, art and more. Come visit!). Once upon a time, I was a culinary student, and was also working for the cooking store Sur La Table. This has come in handy, since Julie asked me to share my top five kitchen must-haves, along with all those items I think are not worth it! Here are my picks:

VMac and Cheese Guest Post

VMac and Cheese Guest Post2

[All images via Sur La Table]

Thanks for having me today, Julie, and I hope you're having a great time in LA!

Thank you again Victoria for guesting and Happy Hump Day to you all! Check back tomorrow for more lovely vacation guesting.

~ Julie


  1. Ha, I always wonder who would ever buy those onion goggles, glad to see they made your 'unecessary' list!

  2. great tips! i agree with the food processor - life saver :)

  3. Ha! I'm just laughing to myself about the onion goggles...don't these people know that it's good to cry every once in a while? (c: Great post Victoria...and have a great time Julie!

  4. so great!! Nice to hear tips from a pro! Great post!

  5. A good set of knives is my number one most important thing for a kitchen. Without good knives, I would never cook. Great list!

  6. Thank you again Victoria for this awesome post! As I type, we are waiting for braised oxtails to be finished... and we only used sharp knives for prep, no other nonsense!

  7. Haha! Thanks so much for having me Julie. This post was really fun to put together. Hope you're having a great time!

  8. Looks like I need to get to Williams Sonoma ASAP for some new essentials! Love this post!! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation Julie!!


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