Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Post... 5 Entertaining Essentials by Alex from Things That Sparkle

Today I'd like to welcome Alex from Things That Sparkle.  She is a super creative, girly blogger who has a stunning apartment with an awesome wallpapered bathroom that I am very jealous of (recently featured on MadebyGirl).  Thank you again Alex for sharing your top 5 entertaining essentials!

I am so excited to be here today sharing my five entertaining essentials. I use every holiday as an excuse to entertain (Valentine's Day & New Years). I love to throw little dinner parties at my house and have narrowed it down to the most important pieces to have!
1. Basic White Napkins. You can use ribbon or napkin rings to make them match the occasion!
2. A set of dishes that are neutral enough to go with anything. These are the ones I have. Again they are a little boring, but so versatile!
3. Glass vases that can easily be wrapped in ribbon, or left plain. No matter how you do it, flowers are the most important component of a beautiful dinner table!
4. All different sizes of serving trays. The worst thing is serving food on a too small / too big plate. Options are important.

5. Last, and maybe most importantly a couple yards of inexpensive fabric to use as a tablecloth. This way, you can match it perfectly to the decor of the party and, you can toss it when the night is over! And best of all, it packs a big punch! 

Here is my Valentine's Day dinner table draped in a pink, sheer, herringbone fabric I got for $7.


  1. Thanks so much for having me over today Julie!! xo

  2. Awesome tips here Alex!! I need to go stock up on some fabric, I never have anything good in the table cloth dept.... xo girls

  3. Alex, you are sheer genius wrapped up in an adorable package...so glad you are having this series, Julie, it's so much fun! I know you are off partying it up, but still...(c: Great post, Miss Alex!

  4. love this! such great ideas and those serving platters are beautiful!

    and julie, happy to have found your blog through alex. now following :)


  5. great guest post!! love the ideas that everyone can do - and that they are budget friendly!

  6. That Vday table is dreamy! Love Alex. Julie I hope you're getting tan or something ;)

  7. i love the fabric idea...i've never thought of that!!

  8. great post!! such good ideas. xo

  9. Thanks for the great post Alex! Hopefully I'll be putting some of these tips to use when I get back from vacation with an apartment warming party! You are all invited... well Washingtonians at least.

    Welcome and thank you to all of you new faces stopping by today!

  10. Great guest post, Alex!! Love the fabric and napkin rings. So happy to be introduced to Julip's lovely blog!

    Newest Follower! - Tamra

  11. Such great entertaining essentials!! You put together a beautiful Valentine's dinner table!

  12. I have those square appetizer plates from C&B and you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on them, for how plain they are. Love them1


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