Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIF... Happy (belated) Birthday Bo!

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I have a valid excuse for my absence from blog land yesterday... it was the Boy's birthday.  So I was busy celebrating, eating, drinking, and eating some more.  The mood board is a gift for him of all of the gifts that I wish I could afford to get him.  Luckily enough, I was actually able to give him  #8 (Ipad cover)  thanks to Lindsay at The Pursuit of Style and her AMAZING give away courtesy of Graphic Image.  I chose the traditional leather in brown with his initial engraved in gold.  And the good news is... he LOVES it!

I feel like a few of the items need explanation so here goes:  16 resembles a cooking class that I actually got him for Christmas (he chose Sur La Table's Bread-making 101... go figure, he is Portuguese and the boy loves bread), which I would love to buy him more of; 11 is a Matisse painting (Music) I would love to get a print of for the Boy; 4 is Portugal's National Soccer Team hoodie because our charming puppy Mcmonster has put a few holes in his other hoodies.

This became...
We celebrated by eating stuffing our faces at Mussel Bar with our besties (yes we love our mussels and beer and vanilla truffle sweet potato fries and trios of aiolis and ginger creme brulee and blood orange sorbet and... everything).   Earlier in the week we celebrated with my fam by indulging in these... Cookies and Cream Cupcakes (his fave cookies are Oreos- vanilla bean cake with Oreo hunks + sweet cream butter cream with Oreo shavings= heaven).
this, which became...

this, which became..
this, which was quickly demolished into... nothing.
Happy (belated) Birthday Bo!  Love you mucho and can't wait for our trip to LALA land!

Happy Friday y'all!

~ Julie


  1. Hope he had a great birthday! Your dinner sounds like it was delicious and I must make those cupcakes for a friend! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like he had a great birthday. Those cupcakes look amazing... my kids would be all over those! Have a great weekend, Cutie! xo

  3. What a cute birthday celebration! I do the same thing...I look at all the lovely things I would *LOVE* to buy and then just get him what is most practical (c: Happy Birthday to the boy!

  4. mmm those cupcakes sound SO good! i hope he had a great bday! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams


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