Monday, April 18, 2011

I've got a case of the Monnndaayyyys...


So I bought myself a grande skinny vanilla, made a to do list, and spent a few minutes gazing at some of my faves on pinterest.  Monday mood board is in the works and may be up later today, but for now enjoy some of these pretties.  We are also celebrating because we are officially moved in and residents of the District once again!
Pink ombre flowers.. yes please!
Salty Dog.

Anything exciting happen this weekend besides Odin making 3 new girlfriends at our new apartment? What can I say, my boy's a ladies man.

Happy Monday!

~ Julie

PS. I know the last image isn't a "pretty", but it is hilarious. 
PSS. I know the spacing is weird, but blogger is pissing me off and I'm too tired to care.


  1. You sound like me today...but hello, loubies!!! One look at those sparklie beauties and my day got instantly better (c: And yes, that last picture is *hilarious*...apparently he was too tired to care as well??? hehehe...

  2. I understand the Monday's, I'm suffering from them as well today! Your photos definitely brightened me up though, gorgeous...and that last one is HILARIOUS! Have a lovely week.

  3. Congrats on being officially moved in! And thanks for all of these pretties, sweetie. They're gorgeous and the last pix is hilarious :) xoxo

  4. A grande latte can fix all monday blues! Congrats on the move and ditto on blogger being annoying. So frustrating at times.

  5. just what the doctor ordered for my Monday blues! cocktails, balloons and animal pics.

  6. Im sure it feels so nice to be all moved in! Loving all of these pictures...definitely brought a smile to my face on this Monday! Hope your day was good Julie! xo

  7. Congrats on your move. A good latte always helps when there is lots to be done! xo

  8. i had that dress on my blog a few weeks ago - i basically die for it! yuuuum - now i'm totally in the mood for cakes! hope your "mondays" dont carry over into the "tuesdays" - but should they, i would reccommend one large sticky bun and another grande coffee! :)

    XO, A

  9. I hear you! Sometimes it's the little things that help brighten your day!! Thanks for all of the pretties, especially the glittery loubies!! Love the last pic!

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments and thank goodness for lattes/ coffee! @ Ashley, fortunately I didn't get a case of the "Tuesday's", but now I'm wanting a sticky bun just because!


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