Thursday, March 24, 2011

Utterly Insensible Shoes

I've been told by one of many of my friends/ family that my sky high pumps are not sensible.  The Boy has also questioned my desire to wear 4" + heels as at 5'9" they make me above 6'.  Well if insensible shoes look like these spring trends... I say bring em on!  I'll wear inserts and comfort shoes when I'm old and have ankle arthritis from my insensible shoes.

Although I wear insensible shoes, that doesn't mean I am insensible about what I pay for them.  I am also tough on my heels, so for now I'll be buying mostly from the reality category and maybe a few splurges in the want.

 Neutral Lacey Cut-outs
lace peep toe
Derek Lamb, Franco Sarto, Forever 21.
Leopard... RARRRWWW!!
Giuseppe Zanotti, Sam Edelman, Forever 21.
Seventies Colors and Styles
seventies color
Oscar de La Renta, Nine West, Target.

Lace-up Booties

Dior, Sam Edelman, Bakers.
Espadrilles (although when is this not a spring shoe trend?)
Jimmy Choo, Nine West, Charlotte Russe.
Nude Peep-toe Sling-backs... the universal "Black" pump for spring!
Peeptoe sling back
Brian Atwood, Guess, Charlotte Russe.
Chunky Wooden Sandals with metal details.
Jimmy Choo, Aldo, Charlotte Russe.
What spring shoe trends are you saving up for?

~ Julie


  1. This is a totally awesome post! I must say I have questioned *myself* many a time about my heels...but I still have way too many and wear them every chance I get! I'm actually seriously contemplating those Target wedges...(c:

  2. There is absolutely nothing insensible about any of these shoes!! :) Love this post. Your "reality" picks are just as good as the "wishes"!

  3. Fabulous post, sweetie! There's nothing insensible about them and I'm longing for them all! :)

  4. those leopard Giuseppe's are kind of making me drool right now!!! xx

  5. I'd rock a little leopard! I'm a terrible heel-wearer though. They are supposed to make you feel sexy and instead I just feel awkward.

    Love that you wear high high heels at 5'9... I have a friend just like you!

  6. There is no excuse not to wear heels! Heels are sexy.

  7. Thanks for the positive feed back and I couldn't agree with all of you more, I'm gonna keep rockin them until I physically can't anymore! Some of these babies may be coming home with me soon too!

  8. Love this! I do the same thing! Wish... want... maybe?? ahhhhh, reality... So true!!! Awesome post :)

  9. Such a great post!! I love seeing all the different price points. On most of them, I actually like the reality ones the best!! You should probably buy a few pairs in the name of blogging research :)

  10. Oh Alena, this is a GREAT idea and may become a frequent excuse!


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