Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Moodboard... Carrie's Bedroom

Happy Monday and congrats to Carrie who ran her first half marathon Saturday and then joined us Sunday for our coed soccer game!  I still don't know how you were actually able to get on the field let alone run around.
Speaking of which, below is a little moody mood board for her and her bf's new apartment bedroom. 
carrie bedroom
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
She asked me to base it on their already purchased duvet cover, which gave me the opportunity to add lots of bright colors.  Having been to her place I have suggestions for stuff they already own.  Carrie is very creative and a DIYer so I know she'd be able to handle this.  Her bf is also a talented, budding photographer so I thought a blow up a print of one of his shots would be a cool personal touch for their room.
  • Stain current nightstands and dresser with TV on top a darker shade to match new headboard (or paint them in a fun bright color).
  • Add mirrored door wardrobe to store your extra clothes and add space to room via mirrors.  Once you have this, get rid of clothes rack and chest.  Or use chest for other storage and spray paint a bright fun color. 
  • Paint current armoire a fun bright color and line the plexi doors with a printed paper using Modge-Podge.
  • I'd leave the lampshades white, but line them with a fun printed paper to match the armoire (like I did with the lamp I showed you, DIY for this coming soon). 
  • Get suspension rack for bikes to create floor space. 
  • Have your favorite photo by J blown up and framed for wall.
Happy Monday!

~ Julie

PS. Btdubs, thanks to the ever so lovely, testosterone and/ or 'roids pumped "gentleman" on the other team who gave me a bone bruise and rendered me a gimp today wearing "sensible" shoes because I can't fit my ankle into "insensible" hot pumps.


  1. The mood board is awesome...but not more awesome than your little "ps" note there! Still giggling...and hope he is too sore to roll out of bed this morning...(c: Happy Monday and hope your ankle is better soon!

  2. Oh no! Hope your ankle feels better soon! On a brighter note, I LOVE your moldboard. Carrie must be psyched! :)

  3. 1. I love it!!
    2. We have a huge framed pic Josh took in Colorado above our bed so, clearly, you know our style well
    3. Where do I find this Modge-podge paper liner thing? I'm excited to try it
    4. Yay!!
    5. I hope your ankle feels better soon!

  4. Julie I LOVE this....that headboard is amazing! Hope your ankle feels better asap! xo

  5. You are so good with mood boards!

  6. Love all the great colors and that headboard!! Those lamps are fab too - I have such an obsession with lamps :)

  7. love the idea of using a lot of the stuff they already own - all great ideas!

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments and ankle concern! Bruises come with the territory of soccer and I've had much worse. Glad you like it Carrie. Lets do a girls night in/ DIY night after my move!

  9. I just stifled a snort/laugh over your P.S. You absolutely must do a mood board for me. I love your style and I desperately need bedroom inspiration <3

  10. Sabra, I'd love to do a mood board for you. I'll e-mail you some questions to get started soon!


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