Monday, February 21, 2011

Entryway Moodboard

Entryways, landing strips, foyers, mudrooms are often overlooked, but one of the most fundamental components to a home as it is the first space you see upon entering.  As a busy couple, living in a seasonal climate, with a big dog, our entryway needs to perform a lot of tasks and hold a lot of stuff.

I've created two mood boards for our entryway.  They are very similar except one is more wishful thinking with a more expensive rug and art, and the other is a more realistic outcome.

1. Rug 2. Console 3. Umbrella stand 4. Mirror 5. B & W photographs 6. Painting 7. Basket 8. Lamp 9. Tray 10. Hooks
The main functions of our entryway will be to:
  • Organize mail and keys.
  • House our random collection of sneakers, boots, cleats, etc... 
  • Welcome guests to our apartment.
  • Hang coats. 
  • Organize dog leashes, collars, and poop bags. 
  • Store umbrellas. 
1. Rug 2. Toulouse Lautrec print already owned.
We already have a similar console also from World Market a few years back except ours has three small drawers running down the right side perfect for storing gloves and tennis balls for Odin.  We also already have a white Pottery Barn mirror that is fairly similar to this one, but a bit brighter white.  I am hoping to print and frame some black and white images of Odin, my travels, and my horse riding days.  The tray and shell cup will be to organize keys, change, cell phones and any other trinkets that get emptied from our pockets such as lipgloss and hair ties from me and guitar picks and collar stays from the Boy.  I am of the "check the mail quickly for 'pretty mail' (catalogues, magazines, and personal letters) then dump the rest into a pile to be sorted at the end of the week (if lucky)" kind of girl, so this basket would be the perfect mail catchall.  The hooks will go on the opposite wall, behind the door, to hang coats and leashes.   

I'd love to hear any organizational tips and tricks you have for entryways!  Check back tomorrow for a NYC Fashion Week wishlist.

~ Julie


  1. LOVE love love the owl umbrella holder. So perfect for an entryway. Love both of your boards - such great finds!

  2. Thanks Alena and thanks for stopping by! The owl has been my favorite stand that I have found so far, but I am still looking for a more reasonably priced alternative for it.


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