Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cast of Characters

Before I dive into projects, inspirations, and all that is creative, I thought I should share a little about myself and my life.


I am a twenty something, somewhat recent graduate working as an Environmental Planner.  I am born and raised in the DC area and am so happy to be back after school. Currently I am living in VA with my two boys (boyfriend and crazy puppy), just across the Potomac River from Georgetown.  This is hard for me as I am a Marylander.  However, in April, we will all be moving back into Northwest DC (apartment previews to come tomorrow)!

My baby boy, Odin.  A Belgian Malinois. 
The Boy shall remain nameless and faceless for the time being.  Also making appearances in this little bliggity blog will be Luna, my dog growing up who now resides with my parents.  She and Odin are as good as friends as an 84 year old woman and 12 year old boy can be.

Cuddling, a rare moment.

What they look like most of the time.

Check back tomorrow for previews of the new apartment!


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